Mid Life Crisis

I laugh at this term as I find there is NO meaning in it.  When I went and got my nose pierced almost a year ago, my now ex asked if I was having a mid life crisis.  I was like, what?  NO, why would you think that?  I had wanted this done for SO many years…  My dad said back in the day if I ever came home with it, I would not be allowed in..  So I finally at 44 did it and I have loved it and it was a check off my list of things I wanted and had always wanted to do.  So last night, after dinner me and my son were talking and I told him I wanted to get another tattoo and that I really wanted to get my belly pierced.  He asked if I was having a mid life crisis…  I again, said NO!!  I said, buddy, there are things I have always wanted to do, but either I listened to what people thought, or just said I would do it some other time.  Well I am done waiting to live and I don’t care what people think or say about me anymore.  So yes, at 45, I think I am going to get my belly pierced.  I have lost weight, worked out and feel better than I ever have in my life.  So why not??!!  This is for ME.

I really wonder who came up with this saying, mid life crisis…  I mean, people change, situations change, life does.  So for one, why is this a negative thing?  Why do people instantly view others in that way?  Age is a number, it is not a death sentence…  Who cares at age 66 my dad got his first tattoo, his wife of almost, 44 years had passed away, should I have thought he was going through a crisis?   No he had always wanted to do it, but my mom always told him no.  She not being there any longer, he felt he could.  He got her name on his arm, and sadly only got to enjoy it for a few months before he passed.  I do not want to live with regrets.  I want to at the end of my time, to smile and think of all I was blessed with and the things I did.  Mid life crisis, is a phrase for people who judge people.  Maybe these people are jealous of the people who do what they want and don’t care what people say?   So moving forward, if you see a new tat, or a shinny thing from my belly, I didn’t and am not having a mid life crisis.  I am just simply being me, Rachel.  Who gets to wake up each day and not have ONE person tell me how  to think, , or act.  No matter all  the hell, I would do it all again and again…….

3 thoughts on “Mid Life Crisis

  1. Love reading your blog and I say NO to having your nose pierced as a MLC! I’ve always admired other women with cute little nose studs and little nose rings. Don’t think your “crazy” at all! I’ve put my dream on hold for many years, and have wanted my nose pierced since I was 15 in Junior High seeing my BFF, Reena, an East Indian girl return from a summer in India with a nose ring! You’re never too old to do something which makes your more beautiful than you already are. Have to admit to just a tiny bit of nose ring envy.

    Turning 40 soon and just can’t seem to muster the courage. Would love to hear how you had yours done and any suggestions or ideas to help me decide to go have it done.



    1. Thank you Angie for your your kind words! I actually did my nose a year ago this month! My husband at the time thought I was having a MLC!! But I still did it anyways! I did however just do my belly Saturday night! And I LOVE it!! I am all about doing whatever it is YOU want. NO ONE should ever tell you no!! I just turned 45 and screw what anyone else thinks! So I say, go get your nose! I love mine SO much and SO happy I did it! I went to a local tattoo shop that does piercing. My 16 year old daughter got her nose done when she was 14 and her belly at 16 and I just let her do her septum a few months ago. I have always felt with my kids there are bigger NO’s on the horizon and self expression is not one of them. Go be YOU! Life is short, live it!!

  2. Thanks for your input and supportive thoughts. Am a bit of a people pleaser so have to confess I worry what others might think. However, something I’ve always wanted since I was a teen!

    Looking for guidance about the decision behind your sojourn. Wonder if you might drop me an e-mail to ask some questions.




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