Two Sides

I go walking with one of my close friends every weekend and during the week when time allows.  We have the best talks and she brings me so much inspiration.  Today we talked a lot about how there are two sides to every story in life and with that how so many judge and are quick to come to there OWN conclusion and never hear both sides.   Obviously we talked about my divorce and how certain people jumped on a side and made there own judgement about me.  This of course is not an easy thing to go through.  People who you thought were one way, now are totally different in your eyes.    I will honestly say at the beginning it was hard and it did hurt.  Fast forward to today, and I know my life is much better, I do not need people in my life who are going to judge and make there own conclusions of me without talking to me about whatever it is they are deciding.   I am trying to raise my kids to be open, kind and loving.   To acknowledge everyone is different and sometimes you don’t understand why people do things, but, sometimes you aren’t meant to know either.   I do not want to judge anyone, and if I do, I own it.  I do not try to hurt anyone with words or actions.  If people would just have a more open mind and not be quick to judge and assume, we would all understand each other so much more.  Reality, that won’t happen.  Too many want to play the victim in this life, to not understand others and judge.  It is easier for people to jump to there own conclusion than it is to search out the truth.  I feel at this point, I have the people who know me and won’t judge and really know there is always two sides to every story.  For them I am blessed.  So when you go about your day and you make a quick assumption about someone or something, think about this, there is a story that you do not know about.

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