Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself
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I was looking through my baby book the other day and laughing at how my mom wrote SO much almost daily….  Each birthday, she would say who gave what to me, what friends were there, pretty much everything and anything.  I love when I was seven I told her what I was going to be when I grew up, an Avon lady during the day ( my grandma was one for many years!) and a Playboy Bunny at night!  Now yes, this is humorous for many reasons, one Avon, is it still around?  And Playboy well it is not the same anymore….  It got me thinking though,that at that young age, I didn’t want to be something most girls wanted to be, a ballerina, princess, even a doctor or teacher. I always believed I would be something, somebody.  I guess a person who made a difference in life, someone that would help people.  So maybe why I went and did my LPN, but knew that was not my path.  Then life happens, you get married, have kids and stay at home for over 17 years.  Which by the way I feel so very blessed to have done.  I would never trade that experience  for anything!  So here I sit, 45 and feel again I am meant for something and thinking I might have finally found what I want to do…  Close to Avon lady or Playboy bunny?  Not really, but,  dreams are dreams. 🙂  I now know I just need to take risks, be open to opportunities and not have fear.  I sometimes wonder how many sit in there life doing things that they really aren’t happy doing?  I know I can’t do that.  My mom always told me, I was different and that I had SO much personality…  Not sure if that was good or bad!  I just know this is my time and I am going to do what makes me happy.  I would say we only get one time here, but that is for another time as I believe I have lived many lives and this time around I am doing things differently……

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