5 years

There can be SO many pivotal moments in your life. For me the biggest one this far was January 22, 2013. That was the day I lost my dad.  Yes, it is always hard to believe that it has been 5 years now…  Even harder to believe how much my life has changed.  I know when I lost my mom 9 months before my dad passed that I was changing.  When my dad did go, I was forever changed, but in a really good way.  Losing your parents is a very hard thing, but I knew I had to find a positive way to move on and process all of it.  My mom had been sick since I was in 8th grade, so a lot of my life was taking care of her and really my family.  Things were always kind of put on me, as they knew I could take it all.  I never hesitated, it is just what you do for the ones you love.   I honestly can look back and have absolutely NO regrets of what I did for my parents.  All the time spent taking care of them and being there at the very end of there lives.  I am a lucky person for that.  Not everyone can say things like that.  I see my parents passing as a gift to me.  They wanted me to start living my life!  Believe me I have my moments where I would give anything for a hug, or a smile from them….  But I also know they are and have been with me every step of the way since they have passed.  I honestly never want people to feel sad for me, you get what you get in life..  It is how you choose to deal with what you get and make things better.  I know my dad is SO proud of me, he was the greatest guy ever.  His smile could light up a room and the way he loved his grand kids was probably the cutest thing ever.  So today as I reflect that 5 years ago he passed away, I look back with so much love and happiness and the knowing that he is always with me.  I don’t look at death the same way as I once did.  I am not afraid of dying as I am comforted knowing I have many beautiful angels waiting.  My message as always is life is SO short.  You need to be happy, you need to make your dreams come true, no one can do it but YOU!

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