I started realizing how my days of writing on here get a little farther in between then what I had been doing and what I intended to do.  Part has to do with what do I write?  I want Lifeunstuck, to be all about that.  Getting yourself out of a life that you feel completely stuck in.  I have almost completely done this.  I have a few more things that I need to do to fully feel free in my life.  In the coming months that will all be revealed, but for now, it is staying with me 🙂  I do have to say, this last week was another break through for me, in the sense where I find myself truly inspired each day.  A feeling I really can’t put into words.  Just a different mind set.   The way I am actually listening to peoples words and realizing how many are truly stuck in there lives and really not living to there full potential or true happiness.  Some, might not care, others might not even have a clue.  This is were I find myself building my life around people who bring there best and allow me to be mine.  I had someone ask me this week when I was going to get on dating apps, I said NEVER!  They said, oh you will, how else are you going to find someone.  Well here is the thing, you need to be ok with yourself, being alone and doing life.  I am almost there like I said and I honestly can say I will NEVER use a dating app.  If I am alone, I am OK with that.  I don’t believe that will happen, there is still someone who I care very much about and time will tell….  I never want anyone to ever take care of me again, as it was before.  I want a partnership.  I want support, love, positive, freedom, and I know I will never settle for anything less.  Living my life right now and doing what I have been doing is the best thing I could have done for myself and my kids.  I don’t need to be anywhere else but right here.  Becoming ME again, is worth all the stuff I have gone through.

On a side note, Pat Benatar got her new friend this last Wednesday, Moe has now joined our wild kingdom here.  To say Pat is happy about her friend, would be a stretch, but in time, I think they will bond and become friends.  Everything takes time…..:)

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