Since I started this blog, I have mentioned I have had SO many reach out and saying how inspiring I am and how much they appreciate my honesty and sharing of my journey.  Well there are days were I am just so overwhelmed and get inspired by SO many of you!  Honestly, I know it takes a lot to reach out to someone to say you have a problem, or are stuck in a place in your life.  I am so grateful for those who have the guts to see what they would like to change, that is the first step to becoming unstuck in your life.  It doesn’t have to be marriage, or relationship problems, it truly is anything that stops you from being YOU!   There is a girl, who I have never met and have only had the privilege to email back and forth to.  She reached out to me after my post about Mid Life Crisis.  She just turned 40 and had been wanting to get her nose pierced for a long time.  She said I inspired her to finally do it.  When she sent me the email and a pic of her cute little diamond stud in her nose, I was so happy and so proud that she did something she had been wanting to do.  She is a happily married mom and for whatever reason didn’t know if she should do it or not.  She was worried what others would say or think about her as she is 40.  Well we all know how I am on that….  Age is just a number that is it.  It does not define us.  Heck I am 45 and got another tattoo and yes I did pierce my belly back in December and it was the BEST thing I did.  I love it.  It was for NO ONE but ME!!  No there will be no more piercings for me as I have done all I want to.  Tattoos?  Well, I do love them, so yes, there could be more!  All I can say is thank you to everyone who reads these.  Really never thought many would, but that is not why I ever started….  I feel beyond blessed in life, and my new life is becoming so exciting and full of possibilities that I literally wake up each day inspired, excited and thankful for all I have and all that is to come.  I hope everyone feels this in life, because you truly should.  Life on earth is a short time, you need to live to your full potential and enjoy all the ups and downs.  With each negative there is ALWAYS a positive!  Sometimes, you just have to look a little harder and you will find it, believe me!!

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