A Perfect Day

I used to have perfect days every now and then….  When you felt good, peaceful, just happy.  I find myself having if you want to call them perfect days, everyday.  Today, was exceptional, even though I had my oldest daughter at home sick and had to leave work to get my youngest one at school, who also got sick.  I was just feeling so blessed that I now work were I do and was able to go and take care of it all.  Got home from work, made dinner, my son came over, and me and him ordered our tickets to Kenny Chesney in May.  I sometimes want to pinch myself because I am in a place now where I am peaceful and have so much positive energy surrounding me and I have not had this in forever it seems.  If you are willing to get unstuck from your life, make changes for yourself and within yourself you find a place where anything and everything is possible.  Yes, I have days where things do not go right.  My dishwasher broke two weeks ago, my two bathrooms upstairs the ceiling started leaking on the warm 40 degree day…..  But things that are out of your control should not upset you.   No, not everything is always bright and rosy, but I really believe if you have the right attitude, nothing is as bad as it seems.  There is nothing that you  can not get through, as long as you always remember the bright side to everything!  Happy Monday! 🙂

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