My Weekend

I have learned to go with the flow of life, because if you don’t you either miss out on things or don’t let things flow naturally.  Somethings should be planned, but sometimes the unplanned is the best!  My niece texted me on Monday I believe asking me what I had going this weekend, ( she is interning for an airline right now) she said she was going to fly into town to stay with us and hopefully go to the Wild game Saturday.  I was beyond thrilled as it has been since August since I last seen her.  She finally knew Friday that she was on a flight but would have a few cities to stop in before she made it here.  I picked her up around 11pm Friday and to say I was happy to see her is an understatement.  We ended up staying up talking till almost 5 in the morning yesterday.  It was one of those nights were you wish it could go on and on.  I don’t think we ever finished a story as we were trying to make up for time!  In that moment early Saturday morning, I really realized how very connected I am to her.  She is one of the most amazing people I know.  Not just because she is my niece, because she is truly in touch with who she is and all of the life that has happened to her up to this point has made her strong, confident and not afraid to make her own life happen.  I have said how I really only want to be with people who inspire me to be better and to want to learn and grow.  She is one of them.  Even though we are 25 years apart in age, we connect on so many levels, and believe a lot of the same things.  When my sister, her mom, decided to leave really all of us years ago because of her addiction and demons, I always tried to keep a line of communication with her and her brother.  I love how life really does come full circle at some point.  I look at her and think of all that has happened in her life and how she had so many choices to not take the path she has done.  I do feel like we are a lot alike in the sense that I had a lot of life happen and I chose not to fall apart and go wild and crazy.   She has traveled to more places than most do in a life time, she has worked so hard to make things happen for her!  I did get a little sad saying goodbye to her early this morning when I dropped her off.  Sad that my sister, her mom, never really got the chance to know this amazing person and really see her grow and blossom into this beautiful woman.  She is the  total definition of Lifeunstuck.  She wants so much in life and is NOT afraid to get it, yet she is human and also isn’t afraid to ask for help when needed.  She knows what is good for her and what isn’t.  I wish at her age I could have had all that wisdom!  So this weekend was one of growth and learning, laughs and tears, and really so much admiration for this girl.  She is going to do BIG things in her life, she already has!!  I am beyond inspired now moving into this week and what I have planned for myself.  I have said it before the energy of people and who you surround yourself with makes or breaks you!

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