The first of 8

So it is the night before Valentine’s Day….  I went in for a free consultation tonight to get my tattoo off my ring finger.  Yes, I put his initials on my ring finger over 3 years ago!!   I think it was my Hail Mary at the time ( and I do not like football!) plus he had gotten my name on his arm so I thought I should do something!  Note to anyone out there DO NOT do this!!  Even if you have the best relationship and love tats like I do…  you just never know!!  So my close friend came with me and I wasn’t thinking it would start tonight but it did!  The place I was referred to was the SO awesome, really the BEST service and I felt beyond safe and had all the trust!  So he gave me the low down on how many times it would take and the price and told me it will hurt way more coming off than it did going on…  Well, anyone who knows me I have a very HIGH pain tolerance, so lucky me, I knew I would be just fine!  So reality it only takes 4 seconds each session!!  I can do ANYTHING for 4 seconds!  I will tell you it did feel like fire was put into my finger, but after I have never felt SO happy to start this process!  If anything it is the last thing to go in my journey of this whole process.  That being said, I have to wait 8 weeks in between…  Thank God I have learned to have patience in my life, something I have had to learn and it is paying off now!  I have found myself thinking lately though about love and all of that stuff….  And I just know I need to keep doing ME!  I have too many things I need and want to do to make my life complete.  It is not always the easiest road, but honestly, that has been the story of my life.  Always have taken the road with all the bumps, but I guess that is what makes me, and right now I would NOT change a thing about that.  Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone!  It is not a one day thing, to celebrate love and relationships, that should be an everyday thing  at  least that is how I want my next one to be. 🙂

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