Power of YOU

One thing I have learned from meeting with my life coach is how everyone has power.  That being said I have thought back in my life and have seen how I have given my power to people to freely and see how that is not a good thing for me.  To give someone your power is letting them be in control of you and you losing yourself.  Something I did far too long and now figuring out how to balance myself with people and situations.  This is not the easiest thing to change, as I have always given my heart and honestly way to much energy to people who did not either respect it or just took advantage of it.  I can’t really change who I am, as I like me and I like that I am a deep, sensitive, passionate person, all good things, but also I know I need to be aware of who I am giving my energy to and to be I guess cautious of how much I give.  I have learned who gives me that much back and who doesn’t.  It is something everyone should really think about…  What you give in relationships, you should be getting back.  Now I know there is a give and take always in anything, but I think too many ( me included) give and give and wonder why they are unhappy or that they are no longer the person they were or wanted to be.  Everyone wants to be themselves and to have happy healthy relationships, at least I hope so!  The challenge lies in being true to yourself always, at the end of the day that is who you always will have, yourself.  I have always told my kids that you always want to lay your head at night and know you were the best person you could be that day and there is always those days were you might not have been, but you learn and tomorrow is a new day to create the change to make it a better one.  If you have this in the back of your head always you are more apt to look at things, people and situations differently and at the end of the day, that is all you can do.  Love and life does not come with a hand book and we are all really in this together, to make people feel good, safe and loved.  My point is just always make yourself first, because without you, you will not find that happiness, love and freedom we all want in our lives.  We all have the power, you just have to know how to use it and not to give it away completely.

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