I was thinking about words…  Sounds kind of weird I know, but when you think about words you to say to people, are you truly thinking of the words you are speaking?   I guess I mean you can use the word Love, as many do everyday, you can say I love you to someone, but do you think about the feeling those words give someone?  How it makes them feel or doesn’t feel?  I think about this as I believe people do not really think about the words they use to others, how it can make someone feel.  Words have a way of impacting someone’s day, life, leaving an imprint on them forever.   They can make you feel loved, sad or angry…..  I have started thinking about the words I chose to say lately to people, trying to think before I speak, type, text, talk whatever…  In the end of whatever your words are you can’t go back and reverse them, they have been heard and how people take them will have an impact on them, good or bad….Words are left for years to come, they do not have an end date.  I know deep thoughts, but really, they are so powerful, each of us in our own beautiful way, are capable of using them to our best ability.  This being said we obviously can not always control how someone takes our words, but I guess if people truly know who you are, they will know what is said with love or otherwise…  Learning to think before using your words is a hard thing to do, but, if you do think about it for a moment it could totally change someone’s day, or more…..

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