A Mom’s Day

IMG_7178.jpegToday I am more appreciative of all the single parents out there, even though this is my second Mother’s Day on my own, I have learned so very much in this last year…  For me though, I had been doing so much of the same thing even when I was married!!  I did all the laundry, cleaning, shopping ( for everything and everyone) pretty much running the house, only thing I didn’t help with was making money or taking care of bills.

I love being a mom more than anything in this world!  I feel it is a privilege to teach, love and watch these people grow into amazing beings!  I think of all the things that I do on a daily basis and sometimes laugh at what I actually do….  Like tonight, I helped my youngest clean her guinea pig cage which I do at least twice a week…  And let me tell you these things poop more than anything I know!  I of course do more work than she does, I pretty much feed them every day, buy the food, make sure they have water… But I do NOT love these pigs as much as she does…  They are her world and she loves them like I could never.  That makes it all worth my while, to watch her care and love some other living beings.  I always think being a mom is not a glamorous job, but it is by far the most rewarding and important job ever.  I am beyond thankful that I got to stay at home for over 17 years raising my babes, something I cherish so very much.  I have a bond with each of them that will last for eternity and that I am forever grateful for.   To know my son will be graduating in less than a month, my older daughter turns 17 tomorrow and my baby girl starting junior high next year, just blows me away….  I am not sad about all these changes taking place, I am just so excited for each of them as they start there first and last of things in life, like closing chapters and watching the new ones open!

Today we got out of the suburbs and drove just into Wisconsin and went to Fawn-Doe-Rosa.  Me and the girls went there last year and really fell in love with the place, but besides being there, it was the drive of me and my son playing music and talking about things while the girls wore there ear buds….  Stopping in little shops on the way home, just the actual being with each other, something I just love more than anything….  I know there will be a time soon when my son is not around a lot as he will be in college and so I take each of these moments and make the very most of them.  That is exactly what I try and teach them, to live in them, love them and cherish them, because there is never a chance to go back and make things different.

Today as many other days I think of my own mom….  Realizing all the time just how much she loved me and how much her spirit is in me…  That is one thing I hope my own kids learn and always know….  No matter where we are in life, together, apart, different states or cities,  I could not love them more for who they are than I do right now today.

So Happy Mother’s Day, even though to me that is pretty much every day!!

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