All about the rescue

Today me and my youngest went and met the foster mom of our little rescue chihuahua Honey.  We haven’t seen her since last August when we adopted her, but have kept in touch and have sent her pictures now and then.  She had a hard time giving Honey up, but said she knew we were the right ones for her.  She was right!  I never thought in a million I would want this kind of dog, but she has shown us how much her kind is just little bits of love!!  When we adopted her, all we knew was that she was 4 and came from a puppy mill that breed her all the time..  She was overweight, had a collapsed trachea and a little frost bite on her ear….  Today we heard the whole story of what our little love went through and all the other dogs there…  She told us that the rescue place she works with has a person who gets in with these puppy mills as a spy per say, and they go and take dogs out of theses hell holes…  without the puppy mills knowing what they are doing.  Honey was actually going to be put death because she had a false pregnancy and so to these people she was worthless….  She was one of the lucky ones that was saved as the other 20 rescued with her.  Some were near death, some never been around people, some never even seen outside…  She told us how they kill these poor helpless, loving dogs and it made me so sad and outraged on how any human could ever do this to any living being.  They usually put them alive in a plastic bag with some rocks and throw them in the river, other ways they will shoot them.  The thought of this just blew me and my youngest away…..  Honey weighed 12 pounds when she went to the foster mom’s and could barley breath as her trachea had to much pressure on it, she would not leave her crate for a week and was very shy around humans…  Her foster mom worked on her so much, got her weight down to about 8 pounds and just a thriving loving dog.  Today Honey weighs about 6 pounds and has become so much more than just a dog to us….  She is a fighter who had to endure so much in her 4 years of life!  Yes, she still has a little breathing issue and snores like no other dog, but she has a beautiful life, filled with SO much love, walks, and play time with are other dog Georgie.  I always felt good adopting her from a rescue, but learning all about her full story and what really happens to these dogs, I will always adopt a pet and never again buy from a breeder.  My youngest has been wanting to be a vet, today she said nope, I am going to be the person who goes to these puppy mills and take these dogs out of there!  I love her passion, determination and her heart on this subject.  She will do many amazing things with animals and make a difference doing them!!

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