The end and the beginning

It seems like so many things are ending right now and that causes me to reflect on things.  Having my son graduate Sunday is for sure one of them, as I can’t believe that day is here!  As a parent you know that time goes by so fast and it seems like in a blink of an eye they are all grown up and you are amazed how you handled and went through each stage and phase of life with your child.  I always thought for so many years I would be a wreck for this day to come, but in all honesty I am just SO excited for him to start this new adventure of life!  I believe you can sense when it is time for your kids to soar and show the world who they are what they are made of, and I know it is his time.  To me, there is no sadness in this, just pure love and pride.  I always knew from the beginning as a parent you were here to love, nurture, teach and support these little babes and each stage you shifted and changed how you did that.  I feel beyond blessed to have this bond with my son, one that we created so many years ago.  I think this last year has really showed me what an amazing human he really is…  Last night he brought over a cabinet (that is now my night stand ) that he had made this last trimester in his wood shop class.  Now of course as a parent you love everything your child makes or does, but this was something way more than that, he on top of the night stand carved my last name.  Why is that so significant?  Because, once me and his dad divorced I changed my name back to my maiden name and this to me was a symbol of his acceptance of me and who I am.  I know some people thought it was strange that I would change my last name since I had 3 kids, but for me it was about getting back to ME and who I truly am.  Last night I spent a long time going through pictures of him getting things ready for his grad party and I really can not say how blessed I feel for staying at home with these amazing people for over 17 years.  I was there always, for everything and I know they all still know I am here, always and forever.

Tomorrow I will be going to my youngest last track and field and picnic at elementary school and it is bitter sweet.  I started volunteering at the school when my son started kindergarten, so it is like life came around full circle, he is graduating and she is too from a place that was so much apart of my life for so many years.  I have some life long friends with some very special teachers there and I am forever grateful for that.  It will be such a different life next fall when my son will be in college and my older girl will start her last year of high school and my little babe will start junior high.  There really is nothing to be sad about as this is how life goes and as a parent this is what you signed up for.  To love these people with everything you have, show them the good and help in the bad and to always inspire and be inspired in everything you do.  My emotions right now are just of love and so much pride of all my kids, they amaze me, inspire me and have taught me so much.  Grateful is what I am.

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