My Family

So today my son graduated high school.  He makes me laugh as he said today, ” It is not that big of deal, like everyone graduates”, and I said yes, most do but there are some who do not….  I started thinking of this last year and a half and how much my kids have inspired me by just being great people and allowing me to make a life choice that changed there lives as well.  They trusted and believed in me and knew that I would never do anything that would ruin or make their lives worse, instead, I believe that I have shown them, you always need to be happy in life, period.  And sometimes to do that you have to make hard choices and change your life to find that happiness.  Today I had people tell me to bring Kleenex as I would need it, and it turns out I did not, I am not sure why I didn’t cry, but I think it is because I just look at this whole thing called life so much differently now.  If anything I got a little sad that my dad was not there in person to see his grandson get his diploma as he told me he thought he could live till that day, but that did not happen.  I know he was there though and I know he could not be more proud of him and all of his grandkids.  I today have just been filled with so much love  and pride for my tiny, loving family that I have no sadness.  Life is always changing and moving and I just feel blessed that I have these amazing people with me and our bonds are so strong that it really doesn’t matter where we all end up going, because we will always be together.  I always thought a family had to be a dad, mom, siblings and today more than ever I know it doesn’t matter what or who is missing, a family is made up of people who truly love, respect, support and always there no matter what.    I am beyond excited for my son and all of my kids to live life to there best ability and at the end of the day, be there best version of themselves.  I know there were a lot of sad parents today, but I was not one of them, no reason to be sad, if anything just so much pride and love for this kid and just waiting to see what amazing things he will be and do!

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