Making a dream a reality

Sometimes it is easier to dream about something you want than actually making it a reality….  A few months ago, my life coach told me about a writers retreat at the University of Madison.  You sign up for a class that you want, go for a week, network with other writers, authors and publishers and more importantly grow and learn.  So here I sit tonight in Madison at a hotel all alone, waiting to start my class tomorrow…  My coach was signed up to go, but as life happens to all of us, she was not able to go as a close member of her family is nearing the end.   I told her I had a feeling a few weeks ago that she was not going to be able to go, but I didn’t know why at the time.  It is funny how my intuition always tells me things that are going to happen.  When she did confirm to me this last week she would not be able to go, I will be honest panic set in….  I thought what am I doing, how can I go and do this all alone?!  After a few hours, I got used to the idea and became excited again for this opportunity.  I have to say I have gone back and forth so many times thinking why do I think I can do this, am I meant to do this, and then I think about my kids and that all I have ever wanted them to do is follow there dreams and to do whatever it takes to do that.  I want to show them age doesn’t matter, at some point you have to follow what makes you passionate about life and what you were meant to do.  Driving away today I was so sad to leave my girls and my boy, but my girls are with me all the time and it was hard to leave….  I texted them and said thank you for allowing me to do this, because I know they do get it, support me and are excited for me to take this adventure.  I feel no matter what comes from this week, it is another thing I did, another step out of my comfort zone, taking a chance, meeting new people and growing as a person.  All the things that I thrive for in my life.  I love that I feel like I did when I was young and you were starting the first day of school,  excited, nervous, and full of wonder what it will be like.  That to me is what life is and should always be about, never knowing what can happen, but having an open mind and excited for all the possibilities that are waiting for you.  So here is to following dreams and knowing what ever happens was meant to be.

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