It is Good

The last two days have been beyond my expectations and made me so thankful for taking this leap and coming here.  SO much information and things for me to think about that it literally has left me so tired by 9 each night!  I laugh at myself as I am researching, using a thesaurus and thinking of a million things all at once!  But it is a great thing, to be excited about something that I am passionate about and loving it all as I go along. My only complaint would be driving here in a town I know nothing about, parking on the street as I suck at parallel parking and finding my way to and from where I need or want to go!!   The best part though is my kids…..  The girls have been amazing taking care of the animals, giving one of the dogs her eye drops and meds and my oldest has done laundry!  Doesn’t sound like much, but, they are so used to me doing everything, that now I know they can and will have things change once I get back!  My youngest girl, has been a rockstar and has not called once crying saying how much she misses, we have come a long way and I could not be more proud of her.  My son tonight was texting and asked how my day was, I told him and I told him this ” you have to always follow your dreams, if you don’t that is all they ever will be.”  I said even if my book goes no where, at the end I did it and that is what matters.  He wrote back and said ” Mom I am proud of you”, hearing that from him, was probably one of the sweetest things ever.  We all want our kids to see us happy and living a life that we are meant to live, showing them, you can do and achieve many things if you take a chance and believe in yourself.  Tonight, I feel more energized about my path and what I hope and want to create, these feelings I never thought would have been possible two years ago…. I am not any different than anyone else, some might think I am totally crazy for doing things that I have done, but, the point is I for once believe in me, love me and really am excited for me.  Something I think everyone needs to have and be in life.  I know it all sounds corny and a fairytale, believe me, my life has been far from a fairytale, but to be in a place where you feel anything is possible is amazing.  I know there are and will be days that are not all like this, I have lived so many of them this last year, but for me now, is knowing I can live through them, learn and grow and move forward.  This process has and will continue to teach me patience as nothing happens over night and all good things come from hard work, belief and maybe some luck? :). Well it is almost 9 and my bed is calling my name….  Tomorrow is another day of learning and challenges.

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