Making Dreams Happen!

Yesterday I took my youngest to the Mall Of America because she wanted to try and meet her favorite Youtuber, Adelaine Morin. She was there at a new store that was opening up and was doing meet and greets.   This warmed my heart as I thought back to when I was her age and the excitement I would have had if I had the same opportunity! She had made a sign that had lights on it and had boughten her a coffee mug with a French bulldog on it as this girl LOVES them and has one.   Of course we get in a line that already has 80 or more preteen and a few older teens in it.  That was at 10:15….  I will say time passed fast as we just talked and I could see her excitement grow.  Finally around 1:15, we were the next ones to go and meet her.  She made sure her lights were on and we walked in.  Adelaine was in amazement of her sign and loved the lights, but when she saw the coffee mug, that face was priceless.  They hugged a few times and chatted and I was able to take many pics. When she walked away she was like mom I am dying, I can’t believe I just met her.  She started crying which in turn got me teary eyed as seeing the joy on her face was just so amazing!  Once we got home, she was doing a lively, and sharing her excitement with the world.  Last night was probably the best thing ever as Adelaine DM’d her and thanked her for the sign and coffee mug and said she will use it in all her videos!  She also posted on her snap story about my daughter!  Today she woke up to more followers and 1000’s of views on her Insta.  My point of this whole story is that as parents I know life gets busy and our weekends are so valuable, but, we need to rethink back to when we were young and how something so small to us, is SO big to them.  I could have done a 100 different things yesterday, but, so thankful I took her.  I want her to know that dreams are possible and we all need to have them. That is how we grow, learn and achieve so many things in life.  My hope for her is to take all of this and do something to inspire others, to make a difference.

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