A little drama, fun, and some ice cream

Me and my youngest ran errands for most of the day and at Target she asked if she could get a coloring kit for her hair….  I was like, OK, but who is going to do this?  She said “You”!  I was like, I will try, BUT, you can’t get mad at me.  So I figured I would have her sister help me out with it and it would be all good…..  She picked out an Ombre kit, great can we just get the all over coloring one?  Of course not!  We came home and that is when the drama starts!

After eating dinner, we all head up to my bathroom, my youngest was watching a Youtube video on how to do it.  My oldest sat on the toilet and was like I am not going to do anything, so yep I was the ONE…  So I start taking chunks of hair like the directions said, and my youngest kept saying you have to go higher up..  Or you need more coloring on the brush or you put too much on it.  Finally I said, ok listen, you are stressing me out beyond what I can tolerate right now, let me do my thing!  Well my oldest started laughing at her little sister and said her hair looked like a Who from How the Grinch Stole Christmas, because it was half up and half down…  Well that was NOT the right thing to say…  My youngest started crying and screaming for her sister to get out of the bathroom, me, well I was still trying to finish coloring her hair and trying not to laugh at what was happening!  Finally she calmed down and I told her sister she had to go…Finally we got done, and I told her again you can NOT get mad or break out IF this does not turn out!  I tried my best and I am NOT a hair stylist!  So we started the timer for 30 minutes…

We rinsed it out, washed her hair….  You could already see how light it was and we hadn’t even started drying it yet.  Surprisingly she wasn’t freaking out, just said wow, my hair is looking like it did when I was younger, meaning the color.  So I am thinking great she is going to like this!  After it was dry, her sister had ask her if she wanted to get some ice cream, she said yes, but maybe I should wear my hair up!!  It looks good I think…  I guess we will see in the next few days what she really thinks and how it looks when she does her hair.  My two girls drove off to get ice cream after fighting like cats and dogs..  It made me smile thinking these are the nights I love most.  When we are all together making memories, just being together.  I have one more year with my older girl before she will start her college life, so these nights and times are so very precious to me.  In a blink of an eye it will just be my younger one around and life will be completely different…..  So here is to the start of summer and many more nights/days of these girls and our time together!!

I did include a before and after pic of her hair!! :). Like I said, I am not a hair girl!!

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