Silence is sometimes best.

One thing I have been working on is not saying to much… I am a truth seeker and when I don’t get the answers I want, I literally feel I won’t stop till I do.  It is a good and bad thing, but what I know and have learned is sometimes, you need to be silent and know that you might not have your answer NOW, but someday it will come.  I think in all relationships, people get frustrated and sometimes hurt feelings happen when the other person, changes their mind or views or even their feelings with out really telling that person, why.  We all have had instants of this, it is just reality of the human race.  Example, you can be in a relationship, go through challenges, know that it might not be right at this moment, but the instant the other person decides to change there feelings or thoughts on it, we become bitter and angry.  And the questions start flowing…  Why, did this happen, did I do something wrong?  It goes on….  I have seen this in my lifetime and see it so much with my oldest daughter and her relationships.  I am trying to instill in her that people do change, situations do change, life changes, doesn’t mean that person didn’t care about you.  We would all love happy endings and for a breakup to go smoothly and be great friends and all of that, but reality is there is always someone who ends up with a broken heart.  So now the hard part, how do. you walk away without feeling empty, taken or granted, and feeling like that person didn’t care about you?  I wish I had a magical answer, but reality is so many think with there hearts and not with there heads. Being 17 I remember was a hard thing when you had a break up and today with social media, wow, it is even tougher.  That is why I say, say nothing at all….  Let it be.  There are no words that can make someone care and want to be with you.  Taking the high road is not easy, it is a challenge for sure, but keeping silent, really eliminates more bad feelings.  Sadly, you won’t know why someone stopped caring, or understand why they wanted to be with someone else.  I know at these young ages boys are SO immature and really not able to have any sort of committed relationship at all… Doesn’t make things any easier, but because what you feel is truth about someone, the way you were, the things you said….  This is something even at my age I think is a hard thing, because who we are as humans, what we feel and think is all real to all of us.   Whether it is a friendship, boyfriend, or whatever, saying nothing at all is sometimes the best choice and easiest way to let go, to heal, understand and learn from that situation.  We all know time moves fast, but when something ends it seems like time stands still.

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