I don’t think many understand what it means to find yourself.  To know what you like, what you don’t, how you feel and look at things, YOU alone, not what your husband, boyfriend, friends, whoever.  Just YOU, truly exploring the inside of yourself.  For me that is the journey I have been on since I left my marriage and I can honestly say today that I know who I am, what I want, and what I need to do to achieve all of it.  Each step of my journey I have grown, been challenged and have learned more about myself, good and bad, but, the beauty is I have the ability to change anything.  I know people don’t get why I am enjoying my alone time, why I don’t go out, and how I can be so happy about it all.  It’s easy, for the first time in my life, I have my power back.  And that is exactly what I am teaching and instilling in my girls, to never give their power away.  I know in todays world it is hard to stay true to yourself, being a teenager and tween is even harder….  Which is why I am always here cheering them on, supporting there dreams, teaching them you need to love yourself before you can love someone else, and you need to be ok with YOU!  I think girls have such a hard time standing up for what they think and feel, it actually makes me sad to think.  In my house, anything is possible, your thoughts, words, feelings are valid.  There is NO pity parties ever, you want something, you need to figure out how to achieve it.  These are lessons that we all need actually, to be stronger humans inside, to show each other more love and kindness.  I have allowed my girls to see me in all emotions, I am nothing but  honest and truthful  with them, and they know I expect the same from them.   It is a mutual love and respect as human beings first before it is parent- child.. Yes these girls are like my best friends, I can say and do anything around them, I can make fun of them and believe me they are always making fun of me!   I have learned so much about each of them, not just a mom-daughter relationship, but them as people, it is what makes my heart sing.  I always wondered what it would behave been  like to have lived in a dorm room or an apartment with girlfriends, and honestly I have been blessed to have that with my daughters.  I don’t think I have laughed and grown so much in my life as I have being here.  We support, love and really are always here for each other, and honestly it has helped them have a great relationship with there brother.   I can’t leave my  boy out!  He might not live with us, but he is around so much and really loves his girls!    Leight, who is a year behind her brother, has said, why can’t there be more guys like him out there.  Why can’t I find someone like him…  To me that is such compliment as she sees how he treats his own girlfriend and me his mom 🙂

Side note:

So Press has been wanting a dog stroller for our dogs, so last night I told her to look on Craiglists to see if she could find one…  Well lucky me she did.  I told her to contact the lady and find out some information, which she did ( goes with her figuring out how to do things!) and wouldn’t you know it, we are the proud owners of a pink dog stroller!!  I seriously laugh a lot in my life, because things I never thought I would go with, I do, I am beyond open.  I had said if we are getting this stroller, than we are heading down to the lakes and walking around with the dogs…  Here are some pics of our morning/afternoon!  It is nice to be in a place of peace, love and so much happiness 🙂

And don’t be surprised if you hear soon about the snails that will be joining our family soon!  Anything goes, every creature needs love!!

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