Freedom Awakened

This picture I took a few weeks ago, is of the path I have walked for over a year now.  It has become my place where I escape, dream, think, create, and most importantly draw my energy that I need to have in my life.  Everyday I walk 4-6 miles and never take a different way, I am sure I could find a new way to go, but this path is my path.  Wether I am alone, or walking with my friend, it is just a place that feels right, and honestly each time I see something new in.   I don’t just mean, seeing deer, rabbits, foxes and the beautiful trees, but each time I come back with more appreciation for my life and where it has taken me to this point.  Over the last year and then some, I have over come so many things and have grown and changed more than I thought anyone ever could.  I have let go of so many things in my life to get to where I am today, which is a person living a life of purpose.  Though it has been a path at times of being totally alone, it has taught me my self belief, my purpose for being here, and really knowing my soul and who I am.  These are things that I could not be more thankful and appreciative for.  Freedom Awakened, is about taking a path to a new way of living.  Living a life, being authentic, true and yourself.  Freedom, from the way I used to think and live, awakened, by seeing and knowing my soul and true-self.   I have seen this last year how many people truly are stuck in the way of thinking and being that does not allow you to live a life free and awake.  This new blog is all about taking a new path and challenging yourself to be awoken to a different way to live.  I know there are people out there who think this is all weird, or what happened to her, but reality, I am just finally ME, doing and being what I was meant to do here in this lifetime….  I have numerous things that I am in the process of creating and doing, things that I hope will change and help people to  find this life of being awake and free.  Stay tuned…  I am only getting started 🙂

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And thank you to the people who have been with me on this path, you know who you are!!  I could not love or appreciate you all anymore than I do!!a gift


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