Back to our happy place!

Life just seems to go faster and faster, with work, creating new things, it seems like there is never enough time in the day!  I knew something had to change in order to get more time to do what I need and want to do.  Being a single parent, working and trying to make my dreams happen as well as directing my kids to reach theirs, I now have one day off during the week.  I have it all worked out, as always, I follow my intuition, and know this is what I need to do to make life happen!  Today, being my first day off me and the girls went to our favorite place, Fawn- Doe-Rosa, to be in nature and with the animals we love and adore.  I planned this a week ago and really this couldn’t have come at a better time, as we all needed to get out of this town, away from “life” and be together.  I could tell my energy needed a lift, plus we just needed some good bonding time, being in our element, letting our child side out and having fun.  I say this as lately there has been a shift in our dynamics, my youngest has been I believe struggling with some life issues, which comes from parents being divorced and the many different stages that comes with this.  Her dad has been dating a a woman since January and I knew this day would happen sooner than later, for me, I only wish him all the happiness and hope he has found true love.  For an 11 year old, I know it is not the same sense, it is fear that this woman is going to be her step mom someday, which I believe to be the case.  We have talked many times, that she needs to just look at her as a friend, I am her only mom and nothing will ever change that.  Me, I only hope this woman realizes how amazing my kids are, that they each have their own special qualities and to always treat them with love and respect.  I can see a change in her, like she is some what lost and not sure what to think or do, I know this part will pass and life will become normal, whatever is meant to happen will.  With the help of her sister, brother and me, all will be good, it is just a hard thing as a parent to see your child struggle at any point with anything that comes in life, but choosing to focus on the positives I know is the only way to go.  Life is full of bumps in our journey , the key is to not venture of your path, stay in your belief, and keep knowing all this only makes you a stronger human, even if you are 11 🙂

So side note, while we were there today, there were the cutest baby goats ever, so of course Pressley, the animal lover she is, said “Mom, can we please get a goat”?  Me, “Not today”!  First thing when we got home, she contacted a lady who will bring goats to your home for a party or event, Press thinks she can bring them here and see if our dogs will do ok with them!!  Yes, I got an email from this lady asking me what type of even I am planning?!  As much as I would like to fulfill this dream of hers, it will have to wait for the future, in the meantime, we will visit our happy place!!

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