Are you ready for a new year?

Today was not a normal first day of school for me.  I took NO pictures, didn’t share anything on social media, I didn’t even say anything about Mason starting college last week….  I don’t know if I am revolting against society or if I am just not feeling the need to do all of that anymore.  That being said, I did have to share the text messages I got from my girls and a pic.  I share this as this is what matters to me, them reaching out, saying what they say, and ultimately knowing I am always there.  They make me laugh and smile more than any other person has, what was shared today, was that of life.  Life for a girl starting her senior year of high school and that of a girl starting 6th grade, middle school.  They show me each day they are just who they are, really, true and not perfect, but reality truly perfect of who they are.  I don’t look at them as just my kids, I look at them as human beings, and today they had some challenges that really all kids of their ages go through and they are not afraid to share with me.  Yes, I did laugh at these challenges, to their faces I might add, but I also was able to see how these little things to them are a big deal, but I also tell them these moments only help shape you into a better person.  My hope is that if you are a parent to remember what it was like when you were in school, what were your challenges, what did you do about it?  If you can relate to your kids, come to their level I like to say, you are only helping them, allowing them to see you are a person too, not just a parent.  Our kids do need to see that side, they need to know we all have gone through something, it is what makes us human, we can relate, there is a bond, only good things can happen with this.  Here is to a great year!!


Here are their messages and a pick of my dear Leight, eating her pasta salad without a fork as she left it at home….  And to Press, who was too embarrassed to pick hers up of the floor, so the janitor did and took her fork 🙂


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