Do you talk to strangers?

Yes, I do talk to strangers, all the time.  I started realizing though how we have taught our kids to not do this.  How we tell them strangers are bad people, how we have put judgment on every single person in this world, before knowing a thing about them.  Yes, there are bad people out in this world who do and have done bad things to others.  Sometimes down right scary people and unimaginable things that they are capable of, but how sad that we are missing out on all the good people!  I grew up in a time where you could roam your neighborhood with no worries or thoughts of anything bad happening to you.  My mom wrote in my baby book how I would go to people’s house and talk to them and ask to see their dogs, people she nor my dad even knew.  She referred to me as a social butterfly and really that is still how I am today.  When my kids were young, yes, I instilled in them to stay away from strangers, they did not have the carefree living that I did growing up, because this world has changed.  Since they can remember my kids have seen me talk to many people I have not known, just everyday people, living life.   Today, I teach them more about the feelings you get from people, how your intuition guides you on a knowing of your feelings.  With all the bad I want them to see how there is MORE good, how you can you learn something from someone in just a simple hello, or a 5 minute conversation about avocados.   Pressley one day at Costco was annoyed as I talked to a lady about how you ripen avocados, she asked after, “do you know her”?  I said no.  She said, “Then WHY were you talking to her about avocados”?!  I seriously laughed and told her she was talking out loud saying there were no ripe avocados and I had just read something about how you can ripen them faster, so I thought I would share that with her.  She just rolled her eyes at me and said “Last time you talked to someone about watermelons, now this”….  I had to point out that I learned some new tricks on how to pick a good watermelon from that person.  I just wanted her to see that it is ok to talk to people, you can learn and or teach someone something that they would never have known, it is ok to share.  My favorite example of this, talking to strangers is this:  My friend at Target, Susan.  Me and Mason were there awhile back and she was working and she came and gave me hug and was talking to me, when she left, Mason said, “Who is that”?  I said, she works here, I met her a few months ago. He said “Really”?  ” You guys seemed like you have known each other forever”!  I laughed and said yes, that is how she makes me feel, like I do know her, we have a connection, she is just a good soul.  That friendship just happened one day, because she had a great smile on her face and asked me a question about something.  Today I look forward going to Target in hopes that she is working, because she is someone who makes my day better, her energy, smile and love of people just makes you feel good.  I love that my kids think I talk to much and to too many strangers, because I am showing them, there is good people in this world, that every single one of us has a story, something to share.  I don’t want them to be people who never say hi to someone or give help to someone in need or advice on an avocado.    I however want them to be able to walk down the aisles at Target or Costco or wherever and be the person who is waiting and willing to share a smile, a hello, or help.  Reality is you never know what you, yourself might learn, how you have the power to make someones day better.  Today, say hi to someone you don’t know, or if you see someone struggling over how to pick out a ripe avocado and you know how to, share it.  It is all about being and finding the good in this world.


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