Life…. Are you there yet?

Maybe I am the only one who has experienced the feeling of waiting for life to happen?  Where you wonder when is something going to happen, change, evolve?  I had been living life that way for many years….. Always felt I was on the slow boat to getting where I wanted to be in my life, I was waiting for that speed boat to pick me up and get me there right then.   Honestly, it is not very enjoyable, awaiting, wondering, questioning everything along the way.  I knew I had to change how I looked at life, that I could not keep feeling like I was in a boat that only had oars and no motor.  I started realizing I was missing out on a lot of my life, for the fact I was so focussed on where I wasn’t and not looking at how far I had come.  I started to embrace my “slowness” if you want to say, by living in my moments of life.  I can honestly say you grow, learn and have much more appreciation for life when you are able to do this.  Knowing each day you are really one step closer than you were the day before, each day you are moving closer to where it is you want to be.   When I look back on the last two years of my life, I am blown away for the simple fact of where I am right now in my life.  Never could I have imagined that I would be here, never did I think I would be who I am, it is such an amazing thing to think in two years all that I have done and the person I am.  That doesn’t mean I am where I want to be, but it shows me that I have accomplished more than I ever thought I could, that I am living and being in my life as I should, as everyone should.  We all would love to have a fast speed boat and poof, there is your life just as you have dreamed it to be, but would that really be how you would want to get there?  To pass all of the experiences, love, and even the hard parts of life?  These are the things that make you able to love, embrace, and have pure happiness once you reach the place, job, person, or whatever it may be.  So some days when you feel you lost your oars and you are not moving at all, remember to look where you were yesterday and know you are really one step closer to whatever it is you are inspiring to do or be.  Life moves faster than we think, love where you are and the journey of getting to where it is or who it is you want to be.IMG_8306


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