Yoga, goats and a whole lot of love!!!

I am all about experiences and I love nothing more than incorporating my kids with this, so when I first saw and heard about yoga with goats, well I knew we had to try it!  I have NEVER done yoga in my life, only position I honestly know is downward dog, doesn’t everybody :).   So today me, my kids and my son’s girlfriend all drove an hour and 20 minutes to a farm to try this yoga with goats.

I honestly could have kept driving all day with this crew in my car, they are the people who inspire me, amaze me, make me laugh and never stop smiling.  Seeing all the fall colors popping up, getting out of this town we live in and going somewhere to do something none of us have ever done was absolutely exciting to me.  Hearing my kids talk, tease and just be who they are is one thing I will truly never get tired of and these moments I cherish as life will become so very different soon for all of us.

It was cold today, so they had it inside a little building, still was cold in there, but better than being outside!  We started with simple yoga, without the goats and then shortly they brought them in…..  I can say it was the perfect way to introduce us all to yoga, for the fact we were clueless and once the goats came, it was near impossible to keep doing poses!  I think there was about 15 small goats in that place and I would say there was about 20 people there as well.  Having goats jump up on you, come on your mat, maybe poop or pee, is something we will never forget.  Yes, they take your mat away and bring you a new clean one….  But really, I didn’t care that much because, once you were in the moments of holding, petting and being with these adorable creatures you kinda forgot all about that.  They actually had a few of the baby ones dressed in Halloween costumes, which you can imagine was beyond cute!!  After the session, they allowed you to take pics, play and stay with them, really we could have stayed there all day….

Today, was another day I hope my kids cherish, not just for us being together, but realizing it is good to get out of your comfort zone, to go try something new, to open your mind and to experience as much as you can in this life.  This day again makes me realize how truly blessed I am in my life…  How all the choices I have made till now, has brought me to this beautiful life, one where I am able to create my own choices, live in my moments and be with the people who truly allow me to be me and in return I get to see them being them….

Honestly if you have not tried goat yoga, do it, if that doesn’t interest you, find something that does, bring your kids, get out of town, live and be in your moments 🙂

Here of course are some of my fav pics from today:



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Thank you!!  XO Rach

2 thoughts on “Yoga, goats and a whole lot of love!!!

  1. There is nothing greater in life than the experiences we create and the memories that we have from them. Experiences, doing something we haven’t done before, help us find our edge, take us to the edge of our comfort zone or beyond! Great post. Thanks for sharing!

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