What if you lived like you were dying….?

It might sound cliché, like a country song by Tim McGraw, but really, have you ever thought about how you would live if you knew you didn’t have much time left?  Would you travel to that one place you always have wanted to go?  Would you finally tell that someone what you have always wanted to say?  Would you quit your job and finally do what you have always wanted?  I ask these questions, because I feel we should always be living like we are dying, in the sense you should never set aside your dreams, your passion, your feelings.  Nothing should hold you back from traveling to that place, telling someone how you truly feel, working in a job where your true passions lie.  I know people think so many things are not possible, but why is that?  Why would you think they would be IF you were told you did not have much time left here on this earth?  Is it because you then would feel like this was the last time possible to do and see what you have always wanted to?  We are not guaranteed anything in this life, each day is a blessing to us, each day we get the beauty to make our dreams become reality, but that is only if you believe they are possible.  So I would like to ask, who or what is holding you back today from making your dreams a reality?  Why would that change if you knew how much time you had left?  Each day that you let pass by just dreaming of all the things you want to do or create, places you want to visit, people you want to talk to, is really just a wasted day, losing precious time, time you can never get back…….  Everyone’s dreams, passions and feelings matter in this world, you need to value yourself, your dreams,  your passions and your feelings.  So I ask, why would you wait to create the life you have always wanted, your passions, sharing your feelings with someone, traveling to that place?  Why would you ever wait till someone said you have 30 days left?  30 days, to make all of what you have always wanted in life, 30 days, to live the way you have always wanted, 30 days to tell that person, 30 days, to travel to the places you always wanted.   Each day we are given the blessing to wake up, make our choices, and live.  How do you want to live today?  How do you want to live like you were dying?





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