Our kids have so many precious things to say to us, but how many times do you really listen to what they are asking or saying?  I know as parents we get busy and preoccupied with our own lives and sometimes we listen with one ear.  I am so glad I have chosen to really listen with both, to stop, take the time and really be there when all my kids talk.  Pressley asked me this question a week or so ago while we were driving in the car, ” Mom do you believe in reincarnation”?   I honestly had to think for a minute, because I was totally taken away by her asking me this.  I looked at her and said “yes, I totally believe we are”.  She of course then asked if I thought we could come back as animals, I said “why not”?  Yet another question, ” Have you ever been doing something, or been somewhere and felt like you have done that before”?  I replied, “YES”!!  I did have to ask her if this was a conversation at her lunch table, or what made her think of these BIG questions, she said no, she on her own had been thinking of this.  I was pretty amazed, proud and filled with love at her deep thinking and her being able to share her thoughts and feelings with me.  After we talked about all of this, she said to me, ” I know I am an old soul, I have been told that many times by different people”.  I asked her what that meant to her, if she feels like that.  She replied “yes I do feel like that and it is because I know I have been here before”.   I asked her if she knew about intuition, she said “ya, that is what you need to get into college”!!  I laughed.  She said, “Oh wait that is tuition”!  I laughed again, I explained to her what it really means, she said yes, she knows there is something inside of her that guides her.  I had to ask if she feels like she knows more about things on a deeper level than her friends, she said yes, for sure.  Having this completely unexpected conversation with  her was pretty amazing!   I feel I know SO much about my kids, that we talk very openly about everything in life, but I love that each day they can amaze me, teach me and inspire me as a person.  When our kids reach out to us, we need to be there to listen, even if you might not agree, understand, or feel you don’t have the time.  They are here to teach us as much as we are to teach them.  Being able to have open communication with your kids is so very vital in today’s world, they learn and see too much from social media and friends.  Wouldn’t you rather have them hear things from you?  Don’t you want to be the one they can trust, come to and share their thoughts, dreams, bad days and good?  The world today is so much different from the world I grew up in, their challenges are far more than what mine were.  I didn’t have openness with my parents and I knew when I became a mom, I wanted to have a different kind of relationship with my kids.  I believe age is a number, I don’t look down on my kids, I don’t believe I am wiser, I look at them as human beings, that is who they are.  I am just blessed that they chose me to be the person they call mom, but more importantly the person they can come to with any topic that might be on their mind.  Next time your kids are talking, listen, really hear them, you might learn something new, you might realize you are not that different from them, or you might find that one thing that brings you closer to them.


This is my girl who talks a lot, the one who makes me laugh each day, the one who teaches me so much about myself and life.


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  1. Kids are often much smarter than we give them credit for, if only we take the time to listen, and invest in them. They are truly the best teachers sometimes. Your daughter is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

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