Fear.  A word that we don’t want to use in our vocabulary for it keeps us from moving forward in our life.  I know there are so many out there who live each day in fear for many different reasons.  I remember living life with so much fear for so so long, were I didn’t think I would ever know what it was like to live any other way.  I would dream about what I thought life could be, but never believed I could get there.  Letting go of what makes us fearful is actually terrifying, it is like jumping off a cliff and wondering if you will fall or stand on your two feet.  For me, I knew if I didn’t take a chance on myself, believe in myself, that I would stay right where I had been for too many years.  Fear is different for everyone, but what is universal, is the simple fact you stay in a place, situation or with a person, and nothing changes, it all stays the same.

I look back on my life to this point and don’t remember who that girl was, but I can remember what it felt to have all that fear, unhappiness, really not living life the way it should be lived.  I don’t live in fear, as soon as I feel it creep in, I seriously ask myself why?  Why, should I be scared, what could change so badly that I am scared about it?  The not knowing the outcome for sure is the reason why so many just stay in fear, not seeing past our fears, the total unknown.  Isn’t that what life is about?  Not knowing what may happen?  Why should we be so fearful of this?  Shouldn’t we be more fearful of NOT doing things than we are of actually doing them?  I have had people ask me why I write personally, why I share so much.  Honestly, it was letting go of a fear for me.  I used to fear what people said or judged about me…  Today, I don’t.  What anyone says, is their emotion, their own reflection of their fear, not mine.  I say, write, feel, whatever it is that feels right, live my life as I need to for me.  We are all different, on separate paths and journeys, but one thing that will never change is that we all do have fear of something or many things, some figure out how to let it go and some are forever living in fear.

Fear is a scary place to be, I know this, but what you need to know it doesn’t have to be that way.  It is about taking a step to believe in yourself, YOU.  I have learned NO ONE can get you out of your life, as much as we would like to believe, it just doesn’t work that way…  So next time you are fearful of something, think about the alternative.  Think about what it would be like to not take that leap of faith, to not move, but to just stay in the same spot.


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Don’t let fear live your life. 🙂


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