Do you live life or create life?

Tough question?  Is there a right answer?  I believe most people would say they live life, I used to live this way as well.  Living life though to me, is just doing what you think you have to, what others expect, almost like just getting by.  You wake up, go to work, run your kids around, eat somewhere in there, get home, unwind, go to sleep and repeat.  That was my life for so many years, minus getting up for work, but my work was in my house, taking care of my kids and doing all that you do when you stay at home.  It is not that I didn’t like my life or didn’t feel blessed to have all this time with my kids, but I guess you could say I always thought there was more to life, more than what I was living.

With creating life you are bringing your dreams, ideas, thoughts to life, thinking and living is not the same and reality those dreams just stay that, dreams.  Creating a life is taking those chances, learning something new, finding your passion.  It is the mindset of “if you believe you can, you will”.  I have known for a long time I was wanting to create a life, I had so many dreams, desires and passions to seek and learn.  My whole journey the last almost two years has been about me creating my life, making my dreams come true, learning, growing and knowing if I believe in myself and do the work it all will happen.

I used to be the person who would look at others who accomplished their dreams, took those chances and always thought, how lucky they were.  It is not about luck, I will tell you that!  It is about your self belief, instead of thinking “why not me” to “WHY NOT ME”!  Life’s beauty is about creating whatever you can imagine, everyone of us is capable of all our dreams, the question is are you just going to live or create life?





Create your life, LIVE your dreams!!!


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