There is a reason for the seasons.

Living in Minnesota my whole life, I have always loved having all the seasons, although I feel winter is with us far too long!  I think back to when I was little, you loved everything about every season, why wouldn’t you?  Summer, no school, warm days, beaches.  Fall, the excitement of school starting, Halloween and the beauty of nature changing.  Winter, SNOW!  sledding, hot chocolate, Christmas, New Years.  Spring, rain puddles to jump in, nature in bloom, warm weather coming soon.  As we get older, the seasons start to take a different meaning for us.  Yes, we can still do all the (kid) stuff we want, but we tend to look at things with more depth and meaning.  Fall this year for me has really been about grounding myself into where and who I am.  Thinking of things, people and really just clutter that I need to let go off, like the leaves that fall from the tree, as it sheds them for new green ones that will return in the spring, so do we shed things.  It is all for a purpose, cycle of life, a time to reevaluate all the things in your life.  Sometimes you might not even understand why you are cleaning out some area, but really it all makes sense, we are getting ready for something else that will enter our lives.  Same with relationships, ones that seemed good, may have run its course and do not serve a purpose anymore, so it is letting go of those, to let new ones in.  It shouldn’t be a sad cycle, but one that has to happen in order for us to grow, move forward and keep going with life’s rhythms.  I sit in my room writing knowing this will be my last fall here in this place that I have called home for over a year and a half.  It has almost completed this cycle in my life, served its purpose, and allowed me to grow to who I am today.  I have waited to move out of this town for a long time, to finally be in a space were I can just be me, to get on completely in my life and keep moving forward with where I want to be.  I do not find sadness in this as I look at each season differently now, one with much more understanding and knowing.  Knowing when the leaves fall, there will be new growth again.  When the snow falls the green grass  will return.  Knowing each time you say good-bye to someone or something, there is someone or something else about to enter your life.  Seasons are here for a reason, not just in nature, but in your own life.  You have the choice to move with the cycle of life, or remain stuck in a season.  Just like nature, sometimes it gets stuck for a little too long in the winter area here in Minnesota 🙂


Just remember, like the trees they lose their leaves, ones that they carried with them for awhile, but they have to let go, to allow the new ones to blossom in the spring.  We also have to shed our things to allow new growth and experiences in.   What are you letting go of…?


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