Destiny… Do you believe in it? Part 1


Destiny: the events that will necessarily happen to a particular person or thing in the future.  The hidden power believed to control what will happen in the future, fate.

When you think about your life and all that has happened to today, do you think it was all destiny?  The good and the bad?  Or do you believe you have good luck or bad luck?

I don’t believe in good or bad luck, I don’t think anyone is predestined  to have either.  I believe if you are good, try your best, good things can happen, but that also requires work, having belief in yourself and listening to the universe.  Bad luck, I think every single person would say they have experienced times in their lives were they feel the universe is against them, but reality is that means you are not living as the way you should be, that you are missing or not taking what the universe has been trying to give you to succeed.   Life is meant to have good and bad times, that is the only way we can grow, learn and realize our destiny.

I know everything this last month with Pressley is for a reason, a purpose, that each one of us in this is being stretched, to look inside, to look outside and see what is really the meaning of it all. 

What is the universe trying to tell me?  Why is all of this happening?  I could question it till I am blue in the face, but that would get me nowhere, instead I believe that I will find my answer, that it will come to me, as a sign from the universe, guiding me to what my next step is.  Truly seeing why my girl had to go through all she has gone through.  

Yes, I totally believe in destiny, I believe every single moment, event, good and bad happenings  have all been apart of my path, my destiny.  I like thinking of it this way, for the  reason, it brings me peace in knowing, that it all had and continues to have a purpose in my life, my path, my destiny here on this earth.  

I know soon, SO soon, my answer will be here and my progress on this earth will grow and change will happen.  

So do you believe in destiny?  Do you listen to what the universe sends you?  Do you believe???

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IMG_8504 2

You can’t see their faces, but these two little fur babies were for sure apart of my destiny. Each with there story of how they were meant to be ours.





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