So it’s my birthday, bring on the BEST year yet!!!

Sagittarius Fire sign:  Curious, energetic, open mind and philosophic view motivates them to wander around the world in search of the meaning of life.  Sagittarius is extrovert, optimistic and enthusiastic, and likes changes.  They are able to transform their thoughts into concrete actions and they will do anything to achieve their goals.

Since I was a little girl, I knew their was a whole big world out there, always dreaming, wondering and knowing that I would be who I was meant to be someday.   Life has a way of happening, dreams, passions, and your meaning of being here get thrown off course, but, lessons are learned, and you grow… I look back on this last year and see how far I have come, grown and gotten back on my path and found my meaning, my purpose.  I have not yet traveled the world, but I do know that will happen someday soon.  All that I have been creating, working towards and doing is all coming into place.  This is the year, were my dreams come to life…  I feel blessed for the year I had, one that taught me so much about myself, others and my endless passion for change.  For all I have endured in my life, I take as blessings, all the difficult times, I take as lessons, all the love that I gave and received, I take as gifts.  Patience is the one thing I have learned this last year, nothing you create with passion and love happens over night, instead you need to go through all the experiences to get to the place were it is all ready to be unfolded.   

The lessons I learned this year:  Some people will never change, so don’t waste your energy on them.  The past is the past, leave it there!  Don’t care what others say or feel about you, as long as you are living true to yourself that is all that matters.  Lastly, LOVE, that is what makes the world go round!

46…  I have always believed age is just a number, it does not define you and has NO limit on what you can achieve.   With  positive thoughts, people, and my knowing purpose, I could not be more excited for this year!

Today my kids were here, along with Mason’s girlfriend, and Leighton’s boyfriend, we ordered food and made Xmas cookies.  They did of course make me cry with the love that they showed and the gifts that they gave.  Mason knows my love of music and our going to concerts, so they all put their money together and got me tickets to the New Kids On The Block and said I had to take one of my friends as I rarely go out.  Seriously can NOT wait for this!  Just when I think I could not feel anymore blessed, they show me wrong 🙂

Birthdays are not about gifts, the number you are turning, or cake.  It is celebrating your life, the one that God gave you ( or whoever you believe did), to live in your truth and purpose and count your many blessings all around you.

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Mason and Bella with Georgie and Honey
With a few hundred tries…  This was the best one 🙂
Ended the night at a tree lighting.
Me and Mason 🙂



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