Destiny Part 2…

Realizing all the events, all the people who have come and gone, all the good and bad things, gets you to a place of peace.  That is where I am today, at peace.  I look back on this year with so much love and gratitude for all that I have gone through.  Knowing the lonely journey I took to go deep inside of me, to find out who I am, why I am here and what I do with it all, has been something I could only wish for every single person.  Self love, self awareness, and absolute love for this world and the people in it, is a feeling I never thought I would reach.  It takes so much work, but what I found out, it was work that sets you up for a life time of joy, happiness, and pure love.  To let go of old habits, feelings and the way you view people and events is a freeing feeling, to honestly let the universe, my angels and spirits guide me to where I need and meant to be.  

So much has happened in the last few weeks, things that have challenged me beyond any challenges I thought I would go through.  Some that would make the average person fall down and surrender to it, but since I am in a place of being spiritually connected, I have realized my absolute truth about what I am meant to do.  Everyone of us can see someone suffer, think that is sad or something needs to be changed, but how many actually take that step to start the ball rolling?  To actually say I am going to start this?  I am going to make this change?  I was that person before who thought things, but never acted, never thought “I” could do anything to change something, someone, to make that difference.  I have far to much fire and passion in me to look the other way, to say “someone needs to do something”, I am that someone, I am going to make that change.  I don’t think of myself as any better than anyone else, never have I nor will I, I just know now why I am here and all that has been happening to me, to my girls, was the universe saying, “This is it”, “This is why”.

I have written about mental health, my sister who took her own life, my older daughter with depression and anxiety and now my youngest who also is dealing with this, among other things.  I can not sit back and watch them go through this, wonder why it is, have people judge or not understand, not have schools who have nothing to offer kids in coping with life, parents who don’t know how to parent…  Through everything in the last month and a half, I have realized my focus, my passion, my fire.  Anyone who has known me, knows my 3 kids are my absolute passion in life, they are the reason and inspiration for so many things that I am and do.  For what my girls have been going through, I know they are not alone, that there are many kids out there, who are dealing with similar feelings, thoughts, and questions.  I also know, not everyone kid out there has a parent or parents who are educated in knowing what to do or how to be, I know schools think of our kids as a number, a statistic, concentrating only on test scores, not being a good human. I know kids are not nice to each other, parents are not nice to parents, when does that stop?  We model for our kids…  I have never been in this place that I find myself now…  A place of so much FIRE, PASSION and LOVE.  I want to make this world a better place for so many reasons, not just for my kids, but for yours.  I want change, I want action, I want so much more than what there is today.

Sometime in early January I will be launching my new blog name, my website, my creation with my girls.  I am beyond excited that they want to help and change so much in life for others, for the fact of all they have gone through.  They see it, go through it, they are fearless now and when you let go of fear anything you want and set your mind to happens.

AmazingU…   Just Be U.        That is all the world wants of us.

This is one of my faves…  How we should all live life.  Why does everyone want to hide from being AmazingU?
My inspirations

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