Finding passion and inspiration again…

I think one of the toughest things is to know that you can’t change or make anyone happy, that they themselves have to want this, they have to make the change and do the work.  Being a parent makes this even more challenging as all you ever want to do for your kids, is fix anything you can.  With everything that has been going on these last few months with Press, I have realized no matter what I do, she has to want it first, she has to ultimately find her passion and inspiration in life.  Knowing she is only 11.5, makes this even more difficult as she can’t see the BIG picture of life, she can only really see tomorrow, the next day and next month.  So with knowing this, I know all I can do is guide her, show her new things, try to have her see a new way of looking and viewing life in general.  As a mom all I truly want for her is to be happy, with who she is, where she is and to show her how many gifts she truly has.

So I signed her up with Animal Humane Society, (as everyone knows my house is all about animals :)) to read to animals.  To me what a great program, for so many reasons, it helps animals and it helps kids become better readers, gain more confidence, just so much.  Sunday we went to the orientation and I have to say I learned more than I thought I would, Press to.  After the hour of listening and learning they let them start reading to whatever animal it was they wanted.  BUT the key was, you had to sit or stand by the cage of the animal you chose, NOT pet them or talk to them, but just read to them.  For Press, this was a hard thing as obviously all you want to do is talk and pet them, but she knew this was for the animals, as some were scared, some had fear and others just wanted to be as close to you as possible.  I have to say nothing warmed my heart more than hearing and seeing her read to the 4 animals she traveled around to.  For 45 minutes she was in these moments, aware that the first cat actually came to the cage and laid down by her face and stretched out, just listening to her read, like the cat just loved the sound of her voice and not being touched, but was actually being soothed on so many other levels.  For Press, it was a chance to just read and not have anyone say you missed a word, or didn’t say that right, because after all the animals don’t know any better. :).  This is such an amazing program that they offer, it helps all who are involved, positive, loving, and just good feelings all around. 

At the end of the day, it is Press who has to figure out what she is passionate about, what inspires her to be a better person, a happy person, one who is excited for all that life has to offer.  My job, is just to guide, show, support and love, that is the easy part, the hard part is actually really knowing I can’t do all of it for her.  That is just how it goes, no one found mine, no one found yours, but having people along the way, to show, guide and love is the best thing we can all do for anyone, especially our kids.  I am excited to see what else we find to try, to do, to learn.  With everything in life, you grow learn and change and I honestly feel so blessed to be on this journey with her!  Someday soon, I hope she sees how amazing she is.  Just her being who she is, who she has been meant to be!  AmazingU 

The cat who loved hearing her voice. 
This dog really wanted a little more….  Press did great though, by not stopping or petting him 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and reading.  I am beyond thankful for all the love and support.  Life is about being kind, being a good human, and trying everything and anything that makes your soul full.  Please sign up to follow me, thank you!


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