13 more days…

To say time flies by is really an understatement, it seems to go faster than the speed of light! Maybe it is my age? Maybe it really does? All I know is this year flew by, even though there were many times where I felt I was standing still in one spot, but here it is 13 days till 2019.

It is mind blowing to me to look back to the start of 2018, for so many reasons, but mainly for all the changes that I have made in myself. I do not recognize the person I was at the start of the year, but am beyond blessed for the person I am right now, today.

This year was all about growing, changing, finding ME again. Something I will forever be grateful for that I took the time, did the work, and have made things happen in my life, for ME. I have learned so many valuable lessons, learned to let go, and to love and live each day in each moment of my life. Endings are sometimes sad, but with each one, there are new beginnings. Something I know to be true!

2019 is when everything in my life changes, in all the best possible ways! Mason will be starting at the U Jan 22nd, living there in the dorms, I am so excited for him to get out of the house and start living his OWN life. With that comes the change… I am used to him at my house at least 4-5 times a week (most weeks) and when he goes that will all change. Am I sad? Absolutely!!! I honestly take comfort in knowing that this last year I have lived and loved each moment that I have spent with him, all our talks, our outings, our bond that we have made stronger. Tonight after dinner we just sat and talked, me and him for an hour and a half about nothing and everything. These are the times, the moments, that get you through any life change, that keep you together, even when apart. Leighton will graduate in June and soon we will find out if she will stay here for college or she will go off to Florida! I am honestly rooting for Florida, I think it would be amazing for her to go and live somewhere else, experience life, plus I would have a place to visit and can honestly say I could see myself following her there someday soon! Me and Press… Well, we will be moving out of this town soon, by summer and I have said before that is something I can not wait for. I have lived here for almost 18 years and it is time to go somewhere new! I know Press is excited to start a new school, but obviously nervous for meeting new friends. This has been one of the toughest years I would say as a mom to watch and go through all we have and continue to, but I know this is for a purpose and will only make her a stronger person!

I know a lot of people look back at the end of each year and will say it was great or it was bad, but I honestly believe each year brings a new cycle, all that has happened shapes you, you have the choice to embrace it and learn or remain the same and keep repeating year after year…. I can say this year has taught me never to repeat. This year was different than any other year I have had, I want every year to be this way, and I know it will be. Let go of what did not serve you, people, things, fear, whatever it may be. Embrace, each challenge, each experience with love and LIVE in each of your moments you are given!

Here are some of my favorite pics from this year!
Mason and the dogs, Honey & Georgie 🙂

What blizzard??!! April!!
Yes, we did have mice, 4 of them… for about a month. I am a sucker for my Press and her animals she loves to rescue!!
Mother’s Day, with my fav people EVER 🙂

Goat Yoga, still the BEST thing we ever did together!

Mason’s high school graduation

Mason and Leighton’s prom…

These pictures and so many more from the year that is ending are the absolute reasons why I live each day, in each moment, being the best I can be! I don’t think I have ever loved like I do now, it is the most inspiring, amazing and beyond heartfelt thing I have learned. Thank you 2018 for showing me, teaching me and guiding me, 2019, I am SO ready for all the NEW to start!!

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