Mental health.

Mental health is your well being, emotional, thoughts, feelings, the way you cope with hard times as well as your social connections to people around you. It is being connected to your soul, when you are, you are healthy, balanced, resilient and able to have coping skills, life skills. I can see why so many kids right now today are depressed and have anxiety. They are lost, confused, and not connected to who they are.

How does this happen? If you search anything on the web, some sites will say it is genetics, environmental, and psychological. I do not buy into this. Even having a sister who took her own life, I know it all started with her being disconnected from who she was. I don’t believe some people are just meant to be unhappy, to live a life in pain, misery, and for her, lead to addiction and ultimately death. That just doesn’t sit well with me… I know today, there was nothing I could have done differently to help her, because she was passed the state of just having depression, she was an addict and with that there was so much more that went into that. But today, I know I can and I will make a difference in the lives of my daughters.

Leighton has been on medicine for depression and anxiety for about two years and Pressley just started 3 weeks ago. To say it has been a roller coaster of emotions is putting it lightly, these last few months with Press have been the most challenging, sad and really heartbreaking times I could ever imagine. To witness, watch and see what my girls have and continue to go through makes me more inspired and have so much passion for this topic. Everyone really needs to understand how important mental health is, especially for our kids, they live in a very different world than what we grew up in. Their challenges are different than what ours were for the fact we didn’t have social media for one, but also because of how the world is today, there is so much more negativity in all areas of life. Parenting has become a thing of the past, interacting with our kids is something that has gotten lost somewhere down the line. Today, kids get iPads at age 2, they are entertained and parents can go about their life and do what they need to do. Who is teaching them to be good people? Empathy, life skills, and compassion? I am not saying I am a perfect parent, but one thing I have always done is TALK to my kids, they have always been able to talk to me about anything, it is why Leighton started therapy and medication, because she talked to me. I am an open book with them, I am a human being, I have gone through so much in life, why would I not share things that could help, to make them feel ok, or to know they are not alone? I am not saying this is the key, that if you do this, your kids will be ok. Press knew I tried to take my life when I was 20 years old, I shared that with her, it did not stop her from having these thoughts, but at least she knew I understood how it feels to be so lost, to not know where you went. I know medicine and therapy is not going to solve this whole problem with both of my girls, because in the end they need to be reconnected to who they are. They need to be able to love themselves, find their passion, their joy in life and to know when there are problems that arise, they can manage them while staying true to who they are.

As a mom, this is the hardest thing to know that I can NOT fix this for them. I can’t make them feel, see and know how amazing they are, how beautiful they are, and to ultimately change the way they view things about themselves or others. This is something each of us need to do in our lives, but as their mom, I can show them things, try things, whatever it is I can do, to make that light come back into both of them. I know it will happen, it was lit so brightly before for both of them. It just got dimmer because of what happened around them and them losing who they are. We all have a story, each of us are important, we are all here for a reason…

Thank you for stopping by and reading, if you have any comments, please leave them, I would love it and will always respond. This is my life mission, no one should have to live unhappy, be sad, not want to be here.

they are,


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