New Year, new change.

I think one of the hardest things to teach our kids is kindness. 2018, was a year for me to change many things about myself, the way I think, the way I act and what I say. 2018, also showed me how kids today are so different, in how they act, the way they think and what they say… I believe it is because the way the world is today, social media, more pressure for them to exceed in school and sports, and everything you read and see is all about violence and hate. It is always around them, literally in their hands, anything they want to see, hear or read in an instant. So how do you get back to the basics of being kind? I don’t think there is any kind of class like that being taught in schools, teaching kids how to have empathy for others, respect for people, and kindness. So maybe it all starts in our homes?…

Being a parent isn’t always sunshine and roses, anyone who has kids, I am sure would agree! There are more challenges with each stage they go through, more worries, more of everything. I know some people out in this world think being a parent is about discipline and making sure kids are doing what they are suppose to, getting good grades, cleaning their rooms, and not talking back to them. I guess I have always thought of being a parent differently, some think I am too much a friend and not their mom. I laugh at that though, because why can’t you be friends and a mom to your kids? I don’t think I am better than my kids, smarter, or have any sort of authority over them, my job is to keep them safe, provide for them with all their needs, and to teach them how to be good people and do good in this world. I take a human approach to parenting, believe me my kids know I am their mom, that has never been a question for them. The difference is though, I talk to them, I go to their level, I am honest, real, and I share anything that I can or think will help them in different situations. We all were their age at one time, so why would you not share information that could help them? I know why this has been so difficult for me in all that Pressley has been dealing with these 3 months or more, because I never went through anything like she has been… Yes, I remember having friends come and go in life, or friends who would be mean from time to time, but nothing at the levels she has endured today. It is hard to teach your kids to be kind, have empathy for others and take the high road, when it seems like no other parents are doing the same. It is like making your kid even more weird or singled out to do and be good people. But to that, I honestly tell Press, everyone is weird, so don’t worry about it 🙂

So this brings me to last night, Monday, New Year’s Eve. Me and the girls were together, Leighton and her boyfriend had just broken up the night before and Press well, didn’t have any friends to be with, so we made new vision boards, colored Leighton’s hair, and watched episodes of Friends. It was probably one of the best NYE I have had in many years, no drinking, just being with two of the most amazing people, doing things to improve our lives, talking, laughing, and being connected. I started a project 5 days ago, I got this great idea in my head, not really thinking how BIG of a project it would be… I painted mason jars, typed out 365 inspirational, motivational quotes (which took 100 pages of paper and I did write half of them on my own!) cut them out, folded them and put them in the jars. So each day of 2019, they will take one out and read it, my hope is that it inspires them, makes them think, and motivate them to be more kind, loving and have empathy towards others. It doesn’t solve the problems of the world, or theirs, but it is something that will make them smile, feel loved and give them courage to be themselves. Kindness does start at home, empathy, love all of it. As parents that is our job, reality it should be one of the top things to show and give our kids. The world needs more good people, it is the only way things will ever change for the better.

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Leight and Press making their boards.

Leight’s midnight kiss, Georgie 🙂
Press’s, Honey 🙂
I am NOT Martha Stewart, but that is not what this is about. 🙂


3 thoughts on “New Year, new change.

  1. Your daughters are so fortunate, I hope they realize that. My children are all adults now. I did my very best to be a good parent and I think I did well – they never got into any serious trouble and fortunately never became addicted to alcohol or drugs. I really like them as people and I have a feeling you and I have much in common as far as our outlook on parenting goes. I do not envy anyone raising children in today’s world. I really like your style and I hope lots of people – and parents especially – read your blog. You have an inherent wisdom that should be shared far and wide. Wishing you and your daughters a multitude of blessings throughout this year. Happy New Year!

    1. Carol, thank you! Seriously, today has been a challenging day, a day when I wonder, why, how, and what am I doing. It is hard to get things going to where I would like them. I do want to reach many, and I do want to make a change, but getting there is a slow process. :). So thank you for your perfect timing of such encouragement and kind words. I am lucky that my kids are fully aware of all I give and put into them, but in return, they give me just as much. Blessed beyond! Happy New Years to you, 2019 is going to be an amazing year!!

      1. You’re so welcome Ruth – you really are amazing and I hope you keep writing about your experiences – and I do hope more people follow you, especially parents! Happy New Year to you and yours – I sincerely hope it is bright with promise and opportunities for you.

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