Is there evil?

Sunday School taught, the devil is the ultimate evil, hell was where anyone who believed in him, worshiped him, or engaged in horrible acts would go.  It sounds like a mythical story, with no concrete evidence of this existence.  Is it possible, as a human to be deemed evil, that some are destined for this place called hell or is it, they will endure a life unfulfilled, one with no purpose, and never know or find true peace and happiness?  I don’t believe a soul is born evil or is destined to encompass evil, however, I do believe some souls, will never learn the lessons designated for them.  Each one of us is here to convey lessons unique to our soul, but not all conquer the request intended for them.  For some, it may be a lifetime, others many more, until they are willing to heal their past and receive the lessons intended for them.  Evil does not reside in a human, although some portray evil traits, that is not evil, it is simply living in the dark.  Only within ourselves, can we adjust our destiny, awaken to the signs circling us and the light that guides us all to a life with purpose and meaning.  Do not let the souls who have not learned dim your light, instead stand in your brilliance of love and understanding.  There is no evil, there is only a misunderstanding of one another.


IMG_1838.jpgWith darkness comes light.

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