Time to grow

There are many pivotal moments in life when we arrive at a crossroad and are faced to decide which way to travel.  Panic and sometimes the absolute fear of not knowing the outcome of each turn can paralyze our footsteps, leaving us motionless, thus, causing a complete standstill.  These are the very moments when we need to push ourselves to limits that we never knew existed in us, believing in the power of our inner voice, one that is always there to guide us, we simply need to just trust and listen.  We are faced with countless obstacles, some at times leave us asking why and how this could be happening, rather than viewing these as “struggles”, we need to stretch our minds, view these as lessons that we are meant to learn from, which will allow us to grow and become even more aware of who we are and where we are meant to be.  My friend surprised me with a sweatshirt that says, “Everything you go through grows you”, I love this message, it is a truth, the way life should be canvassed.  Our journeys are unique, designed for each of us, accepting the path, trusting the process and believing what is occurring is meant for us to reach new heights of understanding in ourselves and in others.  I have faced infinite obstacles, but, I have chosen to listen and to see them as blessings, especially the tough ones because in those moments, is where I grow leaps and bounds.

What are you growing through?


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