Is there evil?

Posted by Rach on February 17, 2019

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Sunday School taught, the devil is the ultimate evil, hell was where anyone who believed in him, worshiped him, or engaged in horrible acts would go.  It sounds like a mythical story, with no concrete evidence of this existence.  Is it possible, as a human to be deemed evil, that some are destined for this place called hell or is it, they will endure a life unfulfilled, one with no purpose, and never know or


Posted by Rach on February 8, 2019

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  “Your physical body is surrounded by an energy field that extends as far out as your outstretched arms and the full length of your body.  We are constantly “in communication” with everything around us through this system, which is a kind of conscious electricity that transmits and receives messages to and from other people’s bodies.”  This was written by Caroline Myss, author of “Anatomy Of The Spirit”. In my life, I have been aware
After writing on reality and perception in my last blog, I had a beautiful epiphany.  I know that my big “ah-hah” moment was prompted by my Facebook memory that popped up to remind me of my dad’s passing.  I returned to the CaringBridge website that I had created for him 6 years ago and reread all of my journal entries. I have always known that I have absolutely no regrets of that period of time
Albert Einstein said, “ Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one”.   So is perception our reality?  Or is it reality is our perception?   I ponder this statement today as my Facebook memories popped up to tell me, it was 6 years ago that my dad passed away.  Yes, I really did forget this, which I find as a positive thing, as it informs me that I healed my grief following

Just Be YOU! AmazingU

Posted by Rach on January 20, 2019

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AmazingU is a mindset. When you are U, everything flows, you are happier, fearless, brave, bold, excited for life! You begin to learn the signals of your intuition, your eyes are OPEN to life, and the way you once saw the world, and everyone and everything in it changes. It is almost like being a kid again, where you could dream about everything and anything and felt it was all possible. Unleashing old beliefs, feelings